Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Disgusted. Disturbed. Disheartened. Disbelief....

It is an incredible travesty of justice that Casey Anthony was acquitted today on all charges related to the disappearance and obvious murder of her daughter Caylee.

I watched this trial and I'm sorry - reasonable doubt was not presented; irrational, unexplained and desperate doubts were presented. But reasonable? No, I think not.

This was not a jury of MY peers that acquitted this girl; and if it was a jury of HER peers, then I pity the state of Florida and those who live within it. It speaks volumes about what you can and can not do regarding your children, or other people for that matter.

While I did not believe a Murder One, Death Penalty award was going to be given - I believed for sure that a lesser charge would. And yet this girl has been cleared on everything except for lying to police.

So, clearly in the state of Florida it's okay to have a dead body in your car for weeks on end and then deny that it was ever there - even with DNA evidence. I don't care if there is no cause of death proved because when it comes two a 2 year old child - there doesn't need to be cause because the mere fact that she's dead shows that there is some semblence of unnatural occurance that happened. If it's an accident - then you don't lie about it; and you also don't drag everyone else into it either. If it's an accident - then you state that, and that scenario only. You don't come up with various possibilities. Two year olds don't die of natural causes; so whether it's shooting, neckbreaking, or chloroform poisioning - is irrelevant. The fact you have a dead body that no one other than the Mother has access to - speaks volumes. And with DNA in the car, multiple lies and basically NO information other than misinformation with intent to mislead -- who else do you look to.

This is a very sad day in the justice system; a very sad day for the Anthony family who I think is disgusted that Caylee has received no justice -- and a very sad day for this girl, who was so emotionally invested into this case. I don't know how the State of Florida couldn't have slammed this case shut -- but I'm so very dissapointed that they weren't able to make any of the charges on the table stick. There was NO justice for this beautiful little girl.

It's shocking, and sad. And it's going to take quite a long time for me to get over this case....

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