Sunday, November 06, 2011

Living Vicariously....

Hi, My name is Rebecca - and I think I've become an official HGTV addict.
Well, as much as one can be given what little time I have to actually watch television.

Selling LA and Selling New York - are my MUST DVR shows.  I am blown away by the homes that are hidden in NYC - and the ones that are in abundance in LA.  I'm fascinated by what the dollar value buys you in different areas of the country.

Same to be said about House Hunters; I watch them all from the US episodes, to International - to the Dream Home.  The only one I don't love are the Vacation Home episdodes where a family picks their fantasy house.  I prefer the real life decision episodes when a person is making a serious investment financially.  G and I have been talking lately about how we should stay in this house we're buying "forever" (code for at least 15 years) but buy condos in different parts of the world we love like NYC, LA, and possibly even internationally - so we have investment properties and vacation places. So these shows are amazing for seeing how the dollar does or doesn't stretch.

My latest guilty pleasure:  Donna Decorates Dallas.  I love, love, love her design style.  At least on the episodes I've seen thus far.  I do think she tries a bit too hard to look young - she's a very well put together woman, who really does make ordinary spaces very....beautiful.   It's funny how on one hand she has these extravagant clients who clearly have no budget so she can just do whatever it takes to make the space come to life; but yet she shows how inexpensively things can be done when she's helping her daughter do her own space.   In some ways, she reminds me of my MIL - who also is a designer, and will show me the extravagant things a client needs or wants - and then show me less expensive ways to achieve a similar look.

What are your television "must sees"?


Real Life Reslers said...

Right now my addiction is Bones. Hubby and I watch it on Netflix. We like to find a series on netflix and watch the entire thing. We're wierd , I know.

Rebecca said...

No - totally not weird. We do the same thing with not only Netflix - but DVDs! I get so caught up sometimes, I can't pull myself away. When you have the whole season there at your disposal, sometimes it's hard to resist going on a "bender" and watching all the episodes in marathon! LOL

Suldog said...

MY WIFE and I are definitely "House Hunters" addicts. Great show (and, like you, we both don't much care for the "vacation" home episodes. We both end up yelling stuff at the screen about the people being too damn picky, and "Oh, isn't it so &*&%^$ hard not to have two sinks in your fourth bathroom, you ^&^$%#@!")

Rebecca said...

Suldog - I totally think the buyers on House Hunters are pains in the you know what. I often wonder if they're told to be hyper critical, because seriously - even when I am house hunting myself and I walk in a house I'm not interested in, I certainly don't critique it like that do!!