Monday, November 14, 2011

Run to the for your life....

One of my SIL's asked if I'd be interested in doing a Spartan Race with her.  I wasn't sure what it was, but when she showed me the site, I said "absolutely!".

A sales rep of mine did Tough Mudder this past summer -and when I saw what that was, I thought I'd like to try it at some point. Put it on my bucket list, and think about it at some point down the road.  But, it seems that Spartan Races are similar, but in shorter increments; so this is a 3 mile course, as opposed to the 10 mile one - and there are far less life threatening obstacles (translated to "no running wet between live electrical lines") - but crazy physically challenging none the less.

I'm so excited!  She actually wants to do the 8 mile one at Killington -but that's in September so I think the shorter one in Amesbury in August would be a good precursor to that.  Sort of walking before running, or at least jogging towards a run.

I am such a goal oriented person and truly haven't had anything to work towards physically in so long.  The training for this is going to be crazy, but I figure between yoga and running - as well as maybe some weights, I should be okay. 

Good times...good times.

I'm sure I'll keep everyone posted on the training, once I start. 
Post holiday season, but of course.
Listen, I'm crazy...but I'm not that crazy!

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