Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Crying, over you...

Okay, I'm either hormonal -- or just plain getting old.
I never cry...
But I got choked up like three different times watching "A Dolphin Tale" yesterday.


What a great movie - definitely a "feel good" kind of story, and even if you don't have kids to watch it with -  it's worth going to see it. 

Not an Academy Award winning plot clearly, but trust me when I tell you that you will walk out of the theatre feeling like it was money well spent; rather than walking out of a movie like "Black Swan", feeling disappointed and irritated.

Who doesn't love to feel happy?!?!


toosoxy said...

I LOVED that movie. I am a writer- went to see it with a film critic who proceeded to make fun of me all the way back to the office. But seriously. Beach. Dolphins. MORGAN FREEMAN. Beat that, America. You can't, can you?

Rebecca said...

Seriously. Morgan Freeman, I would follow into a fire. I even adored him when I was a little girl and he was on "The Electric Company".

Shh--ip. Ship.
(Remember that??? LOL)