Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stewie: For the love of God, shake me! Shake me like a British nanny!

You know what?
I am beyond sick and tired of the news these days.

I've had it with hearing about pedophiles raping little boys - and those who did nothing to prevent it from happening. 

Enough with the Republican Presidential candidate who has sexual harrassment charges.

I'm all set with the lazy protestors who are taking their 1st Amendment right to protest, and making a complete and total mockery of their cause (or multiple causes, as it seems to have morphed into) by abusing it right to a hair below anarchy.

Done with the mother who drank too much and "blacked" out while her baby is now missing.

Make it stop...!
lalalalalalalalalalalala (she says, sticking her fingers in her ears....)

You know what I want to hear about, for once?

The woman or man who beat a Stage 4 Cancer - and their spouse who lovingly stood by their side through it all.

The child who went out of their way to help a neighbor who's elderly or sick.  Or maybe, helped another child.

The couple that celebrated their 40th or 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Or how about the people who aren't celebrities, who donate their time and effort to local charities, day in and day out.

I know that these stories are out there.  And yes, I know that they are "boring"....but my God, haven't we had enough horror to last us for a little while?  Wouldn't it be nice to turn on the news and have them say that there's nothing really going on to report? 

Or rather, they choose to take a night off from the bad things and maybe share some of the good things at the leadoff story in the broadcast, rather than the last 30 second segment on the 11:00 news?

Color me crazy, color me optomistic - color me bored.  I'm tired of the tragedy and disgrace that surrounds us, and I'm longing for silver lining in the dark clouds.  I want to hear the good in humanity, because we already are far too well aware of the bad.

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Elaine said...

Did you see the Gabby Gifford interview with Diane Sawyer? That was inspiring.