Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tonight was the Holiday Shopping Extravaganza at the store.
Considering it was pouring out - we had a fabulous turnout!

Had it not been raining - I think it might have been overwhelming, so it's all good.  It was a good precursor to the holiday.  And we had some delicious wine, as well as some equally delicious new food items that everyone seemed to love, so that makes me feel good to see how happy everyone was.

I love that the store is a destination...the type of place that people like to come to and spend time in.

Beaming with pride.... without doubt.
And now...without further adieu - I'm going to crash for the night.


Martie said...

I see I've been absent way too long from here. You are moving to a new town and a new home to make new memories. How fun and exciting for all of you. And your stores are thriving! Good for you, girl! I must start reading more and stay off facebook! Missed stopping by!

Susan said... did I miss this? I would have stopped by!!

Elaine said...

Me too! Glad you did so well.