Monday, October 03, 2011

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

(though truthfully, this story incident occured on Saturday....)

There are some great things about being a girl.  We get to wear pretty clothes, fun boots and shoes, get our hair done, pick out lip glosses - and so much more.

To the ying is the yang - and there are somethings that are not so fun while being a girl.

Let's take shaving for an example, shall we?

Shaving my legs in the shower Saturday, I cut my legs not once...not even twice.  Four times. Four!!
Granted, it was a newer razor - but c'mon, four times?

Two of them were so bad on my ankle, there was blood everywhere; it looked like a massacre took place in the shower!  And it hurt so much afterwards, that it still bothered me last night if you can believe it.

I would love for there to be a day when I wouldn't have to shave my legs again.
And I don't mean the day I die, either....


Mich said...

Someone needs to invent a miracle drug that will eliminate leg hair permanently. Something more affordable than cosmetic electrocution.

I feel your pain. <3 I mauled both of my toes on Saturday.

Suldog said...

I've never tried them, but there are ads for certain depilatories that claim to not only get rid of the hair but also make the re-growth increasingly less with each application. Have you ever tried something like that?

Rebecca said...

Mich - ugh, isn't that the worst??? LOL, cosmetic electrocution -- that's EXACTLY what that is. SO funny.

Suldog - truly, the only things they have are like Nair and Neet - and they burn, plus they can make your legs very itchy. They are so gross. Truly, cosmetic electrocution as Mich pointed out is the only solution these days... :(