Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sufferin' Succotash...

With the death of Momar Khadafi - I'm faced with an emotional dilemma of sorts.

I'm pro death penalty.  I'm all for an eye for an eye - and I believe that sometimes, vigilantism is the best way to go because after all - the justice system doesn't always work.


Seeing the photographs that were first released of his body, when he was just barely alive - bothered me.  Not because they were graphic...but because he's still a human being.  And to be beaten by the masses - while deserved - I sort of surprised myself, because I found it inhumane.  Again, it's not that he deserves the humanity because he clearly didn't always provide it towards others; but aren't we supposed to rise above?  Haven't we progressed from the days of mob frenzying and stoning?

It was unsettling for me.

Equally unsettling is the mere fact that it even bothers me; he deserves a death by the very people he oppressed.  And yet - seeing his face in his last few moments in that photograph, I thought that it would have been better to have him beaten, survived it - and then properly executed.  I say properly, not by definition "dignified" per se; I mean properly, more in a manner that means that the people aren't the savages - but the rules and laws of the government impose the penalty of death.  And if it's  by firing squad, or hanging, or electric chair - then so be it.  But to see the savage, animalistic and frenzied masses complete the task, different are they from him after all?

How does everyone else feel about this?


Suldog said...

I think the jubilation we, as a society, are showing in conjunction with the death of some (Khaddafi, Hussein, Bin Laden) borders on blood lust, and I consider it (at least) less than noble on our part. Yes, these people were enemies, and they may have been vicious themselves, but when we lower ourselves to that same viciousness, it is not a good thing.

Rebecca said...

Exactly. I agree. :) I guess I don't like seeing the animalistic side of human nature. :(