Monday, August 15, 2011

In my daughter's eyes...

Some people have a gift for art.
A knack for creativity.
Princess Petunia -- she has it.
Now while tonight's events aren't artistically driven - they are pretty darn well thought out and creative for a 7 year old.

She announced tonight that she has come up with a week's worth of activities for us, and it started this evening with "Glow in the Dark Dance Party". She found all these toys that light up and glow - right down to sneakers that glow that she can use as tamborines - and we danced to the latest hits on Kiss 108. She made a snack mix for us all - and brought us appropriate drinks should we get thirsty. Cute, right?

(Let's back up a bit. Before she announced what the event was, she changed her outfit - put on a black glove with cut off fingers, and had me curl her hair - but ONLY specific pieces. She then put on her most favorite hat and then said she "felt like a pretty girl". I'm so loving my tomboy turning girly girl. Back to the story....)

Tomorrow night is Game Night. Pictionary is on tap for apres dinner.

The following is Pajama Movie Night - complete with bowls of ice cream.

And I don't know what the following night is but I'm sure she's got it covered.

So I asked Miss Petunia what made her decide to come up with this fun little week long event and she said "I just wanted quality family time". Did I want to bite her cheeks right there and then?? Yes I did. Loved the answer. Loved it! I never in a million years would've expected her to say that.

Not that we don't try to instill that into the kids, but because -well, they typically don't regurgitate our words so much at this stage any more.

I can't wait for tomorrow.

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Elaine said...

Princess Petunia is one cool kid! I see a future for her in event planning!