Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Retail therapy does a girl some good....

Today, finally - after two long years - I made it back to Wrentham.
And yes, the angels sang as I turned off the exit.

I was on a mission - this wasn't a frivolous shopping excursion. I had definitive goals: shoes, sneakers, sweats & clothes for school. The kiddies go back on Tuesday - which is right around the corner, and so I wanted to be sure that they had a good base to go back with.

Once they were done, I did pick G up a few shirts at Eddie Bauer.
And yes, Momma got a brand new bag.

I went to Ann Taylor and browsed, and browsed....I actually had a few hundred dollars in gift cards on me, and as much as I wanted that money to burn a hole in my pocket - I just couldn't! See, when I worked at an office I had to dress up all the time and so I had a need for new pretty clothes. But now..... well, the need for me to dress up is few and far between. It's more occasion driven now. I wear sweats and yoga clothes for my day to day at the store. I could wear nice jeans and shirts but not on days that I'm getting deliveries, which is 3-4 days a week typically; plus I can't wear heels any more unless they're wedges because I'm on my feet all day lifting cases and boxes, so....the days of my getting to look like a girl are fewer and further between. Well, a girly girl anyway.

So, out I walked and yes, I was sad that I couldn't bring myself to spend money on things I didn't need. Isn't that what frivolous shopping is all about? This is what happens when you're just not a frivolous shopper. Who am I kidding - I'm not frivoulous about anything, I'm serious. Moving on...

Coach was having this great sale; I went in just to browse but as I walked in, the sales girl shoved a "30% off" sale ticket in my hand. So as I'm looking - I wandered into the clearance section. I knew I needed a new wallet anyway, but imagine my surprise when I found a wallet that was on clearance AND I really liked it. Then even better, I found a purse that was also 50% off - and with the additional 30% - I ended up spending more than half of what typically one purse would cost! I tried finding a picture to link to but there are so many online and none of them seem to be exactly what I got. It's a brown signature cross body bag, with a poppy fabric strap and a poppy stripe on the bottom quarter. It's pretty....and though pink isn't usually my choice of color, there was something about it I liked. And the wallet is great, it's white and silver leather - no logo - which is nice because it's small and can go in any pocketbook without being "matchey matchey". I don't necessarily like that when it comes to purses and bags - I prefer classic versatility.

In any event, I felt great when I left because I got something for everyone - and I didn't spend all my money -- and yet I got alot. I can't wait to put everything into the kids closets and get them all resorted and organized.

Since we're having a hurricane this weekend- or so the rumor goes -- I think that is going to be my task at hand on Sunday. A nice cozy day in pajamas and getting the kids clothes all set and ready to start a new school year.

It makes me smile just thinking about it....

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