Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World...take two!

This afternoon Princess Petunia and I were playing "hair salon" with all of her Barbie dolls - and as I was restyling their already perfect hair, I found myself commenting on how beautiful their hair is - even when messy, and it triggered the memory of a post I wrote a few years back. Today is a perfectly apropos time to re-share it!

Without further adieu, here's the post and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So, the other day I was playing with my daughter and all of her Barbies. She's only 3.5 yrs old - and already has about 12 Barbie dolls. It's interesting, when I was young I might have only had one or two real Barbie dolls; they were very expensive and so I more often than not had the generic versions. But who knew, right? They're all perfect little people and I was just as thrilled with them as I was with any other trademark brand. But I digress....

As I was saying, we were playing Barbies with her Barbie Dream House - that ugh, takes up 3/4 of her room might I add. Which got me thinking as to all the different reasons why it would be fun to be a Barbie. I thought I'd share a few…

The Barbie Dream House: Um, hello - have you seen that thing? So not the Dream House from when I was a little girl. It's a flipping town house, and about the size of a real life one! The door bell rings, the stove works, the toilet flushes -- there's a washer and dryer in the unit! Three levels, and I'm sorry -- food! Wine glasses, cakes, pizza - just to name a few. And she's got a bedroom that is more like a boudoir with those really fun tuille canopies that ties off on each side. If only she had a good sound system with a little jazz playing and high definition television and an inground pool with an outdoor grill and fireplace it would be perfect! Moving on...

Barbie's Vehicles: Where else can a girl have a Pink Corvette, and still look hot? Between the Corvette, the Horse Drawn Carriage (because what, Barbie doesn't feel like a Princess every now and again??), the Hot Tub Barbie Bus (where she and all the other hot dolls get to hang out), the Beach Jammer, the Jammin' Jeep -- she has got it all. Who wouldn't be envious of that?

Fashion Sense: Barbie is the only girl that can wear teensy tiny short skirts - and not fear anyone calling her a tramp or any other negative name. And let's be honest, she looks adorable no matter what she wears! Barbie has the best girly clothes, the best workout gear, and hello -- her shoes are nothing short of spectacular. Her boots - to die for. And, it all fits her perfectly. Have you seen her hamstrings? She clearly is the more athletic Barbie of the Millenium than the skinny minnie dolls I grew up with ; sure they had a great chest, but really were lacking in the leg area. And let's be honest, a good pair of gams make any skirt and high boots look amazing.

The best hair...ever. I finally figured out why Barbie looks good, no matter how ratty her hair gets after a child has gotten a hold of it. You can twist it, twirl it - cut it even - and she looks gorgeous. You know why? Barbie doesn't need bangs. Even when she has them - they're almost an accessory - she doesn’t need them. She's got a perfect little forehead which makes her hair look amazing no matter what funky hair style you give her. Which is quite a challenge for those of us who are, um....working with an eight-head instead of a forehead. Yes, I guess I am a little bitter about that one....

Ken who? Ken, schmen. Who needs 'em. Barbie is clearly entirely self sufficient, maintaining several positions as either a ballet teacher or dog walker - maybe even an early education teacher playing with Elmo. Which leaves her plenty of money and time to hang out with her friends -- go shopping, take yoga - do whatever. Without having to answer to anyone about anything! I bet you that at some point, Barbie is going to come out with her own line of adopted children! Angelina Jolie has been the pioneer in the world of adoption with out a Daddy - I can so see Barbie jumping on that bandwagon! She's high speed, low drag. When you're a girl that looks like Barbie, and has the attitude that Barbie has -- men just bring you down.

And on that note…this very "un-Barbie" like real girl, is going to put some lip gloss on and prepare to go get herself a smoothie for lunch.

Ahhh but it's fun to dream….!

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