Monday, March 31, 2008

So exciting...

I am now the proud owner of a laptop!
Who'da thunk it?   Best Buy was practically giving away these Toshiba Satellites - and for $299.00 - how could I refuse?  Sure I have to upgrade the RAM a bit to be able to add what I want on the system and still have it function well - Vista is a big system "whore", but it's so well worth it.

One would think that since I'm sort of a techie-geek type that I'd have had one ages ago; but I love, love, love my desktop computer and just didn't see the need to have an additional computer.  Didn't see the need?  Was I on crack?  It is so much fun to be able to be anywhere - and surf the internet, or get email. 

I feel like Dr. Seuss:  "I can take it on a train…I can take it on a plane….I can use it on a bus, I can use it without fuss….I can take it in my car, I can take it to a bar….I can use my laptop here, I can use my laptop there…I can use my laptop everywhere and anywhere!!"

What I don't love about it is the Vista operating system (um, thanks a million Dad for helping me reinstall the wireless card, fixing my router, helping me restore the system!).  (It's always good to have a computer genius in your family.)  What should've only taken 10 minutes -- took 6 hours due to the aforementioned issues I ran into.  Oh, and word for the wise -- disconnect your 2.4 MHZ cordless phones when setting up your wireless connection -- if you keep it too close to the machine, or the phone rings -- you'll completely screw up your DNS pointers in your router.  Yes, that was a fun one to troubleshoot.

So I've ordered my skin - and naturally, it's the Red Sox home jersey.  If only I could personalize it with a name…..
Hmmm…..  Whomever would this girl pick???  
(*tongue in cheek, sarcastic…clearly the choice is obvious!)


chesneygirl said...

Oh Rebecca, desktops are SO yesterday! ;)

No but really, my husband and I BOTH each have our own laptop at home. (Never had a desktop)
It is the best. thing. ever.

And yes, Vista is a complete and total WHORE! They really need to workout all the one million kinks BEFORE they release it to the public! We battled with it for months and sometimes still do.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I would love a little laptop. Nothing big. Just enough to play online when I don't want to be sitting at the desktop. I worked for a computer company & it makes me nervous to have a laptop as my primary computer, but they do have their benefits. Hmmm... Sox skin for laptop? Hmmmm...