Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...come again some other day!

So, since it's a perfectly cold and rainy Saturday, here are some fun little "blogthings" to sort of chase the rain away. Nothing too serious, and all about moi!

What These Tulips Say About You

You are very popular and universally admired.

You are often hopelessly in love, and you connect to other people easily.

You are a naturally cheerful and upbeat person. You have an amazing smile.

You Are Sudoku

You are simple, modern and elegant.

You're not that difficult to figure out, but very few people truly get you.

You approach the world with a pure logic that most people will never grasp.

You Are Cumin

You are warm, unique, and pretty dominant.

It's also pretty likely that you smoke or like fire.

You are energetic and intense. You definitely stimulate people.

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