Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Waiting on baited breath....

So, the saga with the future business prospect goes on.

It's all quite political between the local government and the state with regards to acquiring an additional license for the town. There's a town meeting on 10 March that I just found out about last week - that I am awaiting to hear word on as to whether the license issue can be proposed to go on the agenda for May's annual review. (Or something to that affect...)

Today, the Town Manager called me at the store - which of course, I'm not there. I missed his call by 1o minutes - and eagerly called him back, but alas...he was out of the office. His staff said they expected him back this afternoon so I'm hoping he'll return my call at some point this evening to let me know whether it's a go or not.

I think I'm going to need something like 50 signatures to have it approved to even be an item, but I don't think that will be too difficult to do.

Hoping to have good news to report tomorrow!

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