Thursday, March 13, 2008

Every day is another day - to have a good day.

I received a (dare I say) fantastic email from my town manager - who said that I made a very positive impression on the board - and not to give up!  He suggested I get the local media involved in helping me pursue the concept for the town, the more people that know - the better.  He said he's supportive of the idea, and not to give up.

YES!!!!!  I'm so very happy, and encouraged by that!  So even if the reality is another year away -- I do think that it will definitely happen.

That being said, I also inprocessed with my new company this morning, and that went very well also.  I feel much better about this transition than I did earlier this week -- and I think that life is good right now in that area. 

And yesterday, I had a meeting with my son's teacher to go over the report card for this semester.  His report card couldn't have been any better unless he was prodigy of some sort.  And I couldn't be much prouder after reading it -- and meeting with her.  She had nothing but glowing comments about him both academically and socially -- it was really just so awesome (and I'm not using that word loosely) to hear.  As a parent, we think our kids are nothing short of spectacular -- but I think we also can be harder on them at times as well; and to hear an unbiased -- but clearly in the position to be opinionated -- person give you such positive feedback about your child it's an unbelievable feeling. 

Then, to add to it all -- my girlfriend had picked me up a Keurig coffeemaker over the weekend which I've been wanting forever.  It was on sale, she saw it - called me and picked it up.  Last night it arrived at my house and I had a delicious cup of perfectly brewed Hazelnut coffee last night that was….awesome.  And, just as good - is that the Keurig offers an empty cup filter so you can use grinds of whatever coffee you like, (say Dunkin's Hazelnut, or some other brand of organic Kona that might not be available in a "k" cup) and make the perfect cup of coffee with it!  Only downside to that is the cleaning of the filter but, so what - it's well worth it.

So, the sun is shining -- life is good, and I am going for a long overdue run after work today. 
Something I haven't done in about 10 days now.  And I should feel like a million bucks when I'm done.


Lys said...

That is FABULOUS news!! Much congrats and if you need any media tips, the door is open.

So happy that things are moving forward for you - everything is falling into place!

Glitter said...

I love my Keurig!

Rebecca said...

lys - Thanks! :) It's so exciting and makes for such a great note to end my week on, you know?

Glitter - you have one too? hahaha, I seem to be the last one to jump on the keurig bandwagon! :) I wanted one over the holidays, but was given a tassimo instead. The tassimo is nice, but seems to focus on dark roasts and I'm so not a dark roast kinda girl... ;)