Friday, March 28, 2008

Prayer v. Medicine -- should be a non issue.

If you are a grown adult, and you choose to pray to your God to heal you if you have an illness, than fine. Do as you see fit. But if you have a child, who is a minor -- and legally unable to make their own decisions on behalf of themeselves, you have no business putting your own personal and religious beliefs in front of the well being of your child.

In the news, we have the story about young Madeleine Neumann. A young diabetic girl who was clearly going into a shock of some sort that was killing her, and yet her parents chose to not have her see a doctor -- but to pray for her healing instead. And they "believed she would recover". The girls' immediate family (e.g. aunts, etc) and other friends had been trying to convince the parents to take her to a doctor for over a week --with no success. They called 911, from their own homes - as well as the family's home for the paramedics to come in and take over but at that point it was too late. This to me, is just inexcusable.

As a parent you have to put your own wants, needs and desires aside for the well being of your children. This includes your own personal belief in your God. While you may have the faith that God will heal -- do not deprive your children of the necessities of life needed, most especially if there is a medical situation involved!

God will not educate your child, do not deprive them of school. God will not feed your child; do not deprive them of food. God will not clothe your child -- please don't let your child walk around without clothes on their back. God will not provide a roof over your head -- please ensure that you are able to sustain safety and shelter for your child. And most of all, God will not heal your sick child; do not let your child die because of your blind faith. Your child has blind faith in YOU, to be their protector and their shepherd. They do not understand the ramificiation or politics of religion and what God can or can not do based upon a particular school of thought.

While we all teach our children points of views on what we believe -- do not sacrifice your own child's well being based upon your own selfish ideaology. And I'm sorry, I find it selfish to deprive a child of medical necessities and the right to live -- and then hide behind religion in justifying the reason.


martie said...

Very well said, Rebecca! ;)

Lys said...

I whole-heartedly agree!

Suldog said...

If I may be so bold as to speak for God...

God does not expect us to abdicate our responsibilities in the belief that doing so will somehow be pleasing to Him. On the contrary, He expects us to take care of our families FIRST, out of the bounty he has provided, and then to rely upon Him for further help which we cannot provide ourselves. To throw it all onto God's lap right from the start is arrogant, and akin to demanding from God what you believe He owes you. He owes you NOTHING. He grants from his beneficence, but he owes us NOTHING.

Get your kids to the doctor, THEN talk to God.

Rebecca said...

AMEN Suldog! ;)

Seriously, it makes me shake my head in AMAZEMENT when I hear people who do this! I always think, how many parents at Childrens Hospitals PRAY to God to help over and above what all the doctors are doing medically possible for their children. Do these people think that these parents don't pray to God? Give me a break!

It truly disgusts me.