Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today's post is brought to you by the cold and wet letter "R"...

Here's a shock for you: It's rainy. Again....sigh.

Actually, in my neck of the woods it appears to be clearing up a bit and drying but it's still so cold and raw - totally put a damper on any fun outdoor activity I tried to plan with le kiddies for the afternoon.

So, what are we doing today on the always fun and exciting "Mommy, T & S Day". Well, truthfully - nothing. We just baked a strawberry cake that is cooling so that we can frost it and the kiddies can have a piece before dinner. How cool is Mom? The best, clearly. Well, they had a fantastic lunch of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn; they've been playing really well together all day and so you know what -- I'll give them a lighter dinner instead of a big one and they'll have a yummy piece of cake and milk before dinner. I don't bend the rules often for them -- but you know what -- they deserve it sometimes.

Tomorrow, we're going to a brunch in town with the Easter Bunny! And then afterwards we might go on an Easter Egg hunt at this charming farm in NH. So, I suppose a down day isn't such a bad thing. I think it bothers me more than it bothers them. They get to play all day...take hot baths/showers, and watch their favorite movies. I end up feeling lazy, and bored. I just don't do well sitting at home and not doing anything. I'd much rather be out, even just driving around aimlessly in the car burning very expensive gas at 17 mpg.

I'm making a very fun Angel food and fresh fruit layered cake for Easter, and since I'm not hosting dinner this year I'll be making white and green roasted asparagus tossed with vanilla almonds to bring. I'd love to bring devilled eggs; not only are those the perfect snacks for showers and the like, they just sort of scream "Spring" to me. Maybe I will...

And so for now...this is me, signing off.
Until next time....

PS: OK - so, what's the best way to get Mom out of the house AND make the kiddies happy after eating a nice big piece of strawberry cake with milk? Go see "Horton hears a Who"! Woohoo, you hoo! ;) I'm very excited for this - who doesn't love Dr Seuss??

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Lys said...

That sounds like one heck of a menu to bring to easter!!! Deviled eggs are quite divine. Wonder if I can find a low cal version somewhere.

How was the movie?