Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who'd have thunk it?

So, get this.  I had a classic, textbook case of gallbladder attack yesterday. 
I'm still feeling the after affects of it today, but I'm much better in comparison.
I never, ever in a million years would've thought I'd have an issue with my gall bladder?
And yet yesterday it clearly stared me in the face.

I knew that this was different than a stomach flu, because the pain was so very different - it was on my right side and very sharp.  And then I had this very uncomfortable pain in my back, that radiated upwards to my shoulders.  Headache, fever, the whole throwing up thing…..I almost went to the hospital just because I was so uncomfortable, but I didn't have the energy to drive myself, and I didn't feel like calling for an abulance, so I just kept saying to myself "if I still feel like this in an hour, I'll call…"  Stubborn me, didn't call.  I couldn't lay on my back, I couldn't lay on my side - it was the weirdest thing I've ever encountered.  And it really hurt to breathe.  That was another thing that was so odd.  If I tried to take a deep breath, it hurt.  It almost felt like someone beat me on the back with a bat.  I couldn't sleep…I just sort of laid in bed and moaned….was miserable.  Let me tell you, this girl has an extremely high threshold for pain - so for me to be even contemplating calling an ambulance, you know I was not comfortable.

After my last of many visits to the porcelain god (which truly is the only thing that makes me want to wish I was dead!), I finally felt a weird pop in my back and felt relief enough to lay on my back and pass out.  It really was odd that it seemed like my back hurt almost more than my abdomen did.  About 8:30 last night when my fever broke, I finally felt better.  Well, at least well enough to get up and walk around to get a popsicle. 

I'm still really sore in my back/shoulders today, but hopefully that will subside.  I spoke to my sister around 6:30 last night (she works at the hospital) and she was like "You should totally come in and get a CT of your gallbladder done.  That's like textbook!".  But I was thinking - "what are they going to do?  Put me on IV?  They're not taking it out tonight, and certainly can't give me anything for comfort, I've waited this long -- I'll just ride it out". 

But I'm here to tell you that if I ever, ever have an instance of that again I will absolutely have the useless thing removed. 


chesneygirl said...

Wow. My mom had this SAME thing last year. And she kept getting the attacks. Until finally she HAD to have her gall bladder removed. Every attack got WORSE than the last one.

I REALLY pray this does not happen to you!

Glad you're feeling better today! :)

Glitter said...

Damn - my sister had hers out after she had my niece but it was totally unrelated. You should get it checked out just in case....

Suldog said...

My Grandma had hers out over 40 years ago and she's still doing swell. She was 102 last December, so maybe it's a good thing to get it gone?