Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's on this girl's mind today....

1.  American Idol:  I'm sorry, but I love David Cook.  I'd pay to buy his album today (oops, dating myself -- I mean CD).  I'd see him in concert today.  If he isn't in the top 2, then it would absolutely be a crying shame.  He is just that hot(Not hot as in "Jason Varitek hot"…but hot as in talented.  Just wanted to clarify…)

2.  Speaking of Jason Varitek:  How much fun was it to wake up the last two days and watch/listen to baseball!  That being said, I'm so glad that the Japan trip is over and that the Sox are making their way back East - slowly, but surely.  We all know that the pitching seems to be struggling a bit, but it's still early.  And not everyone is hitting well at the moment either, so… I'm looking forward to the season opener at home so that at least the games that are being travelled for the remainder of the month, are in our own time zone!

3.  Ommmm…. I still haven't been able to get my schedule regulated to be able to take class more than once a week, but I think I've got it now where I can go at least twice.  We've got that Jimmy Fund Fundraiser of 108 Sun Salutations coming up the first weekend in May. I was in really good shape last September when we did it the first time; now, not so much.  But I'll get there…a few weeks of consistent classes and I should be good.  It's not that I'm not in decent shape in general, it's just where I've been running and only lifting lightly - my upper body strength for long term endurance isn't where it should be.  Three hours and a few hundred push ups with Warrior 1 & 2 arms is not an easy undertaking by any stretch….

4.  Must have a Sephora run soon.  I am out of my Lip Fusion, and so badly want to get more of my new very favorite mascara: "Texas Lash" by Cargo.  They also have a blush I want, the shade is "Prague".  I'm very particular about my blush shade and that looks like it might be perfect to use.  I wear very little makeup - no face makeup outside of blush, and just a little mascara and gloss.  I prefer a natural look, you know? But I've got to be honest - I just feel happy when I walk in there.  And so a little dose of perfume scents, bright flourescent lights (though, those I don't love) and fun glittery cosmetics that I would never wear myself, yet love to look at it -- is so up my alley at the moment.


Ladybug's Picnic said...

I am in DIRE NEED of a Sephora run...or a trip to the makeup counters at the new Nordstrom run!

Soooo we are probably a little closer? We're in Weston now. Starting to settle in but still, insanity.

Tommy Buettner said...

RE: Speaking of Jason Varitek...

Rebecca, I agree with you!!! It is GREAT to have baseball back!! Thank goodness for DVR's!! With all the rain we are getting in St. Louis, I have been watching the Bosox/A's games that I recorded from Japan.

Take care.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am over David Cook now that I know he has "cheated". =P He has a good voice but I don't like people who take credit where credit is *not* due.

Mmmm. Tek. Even more mmmm? Lowell. ::sigh:: I am happy baseball is back but I haven't been able to watch much. Although maybe I should be glad i only saw one of the games in Toronto.