Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's a status update - and other fun ramblings...

1. Town Meeting: Just about 10 minutes after I posted my last post, I received a phone call from the Town Manager who was happy to inform me that the 10th of March was a perfect opportunity to present the issue about the license to the Board of Selectmen to get the ball rolling. I'm so excited! Since I'm so not shy about public speaking, I'm really looking forward to this as a way to hopefully network with more people in the community and have them on board and behind the idea of a new and fun business coming to town. Though he said I don't need to have any paperwork on hand, I'm going to prepare hand outs to give anyone and everyone who'd be interested in seeing them. C'mon now, a little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone right?

2. What is up with Jonathan Papelbon?!? Seriously, after reading some of his press comments I just shook my head. Listen, we all love the fact that he's a loose cannon at times. But I think the key is "at times" in that sentence. Seriously Paps -- you've got a ring, you're young - you've got the rest of your career to make a boat load of money -- relax and enjoy the ride!! Red Sox management and most certainly not Red Sox Nation wants to hear the complaining of being underpaid right now. Let the season begin and let's see what you're made of . Oh, and here's one for about subscribing to the Randy Moss school of thought on 'intangibles'....

3. Am I the only person in the world who isn't riding on the Obama bandwagon? I'd really like to believe. And I'm always the optomist and I'm seeking a change, and a positive one at that. Yet somehow, I don't see Obama as being the change outside of the evidentally superficial kind. (Oh and for the record, I'm not a fan of my governor either whom clearly is a ghost writer for the Democratic candidate.) I just think that while he means well, I'm not feeling any sense of substance behind the words. I'm all about the cliches and catch phrases because I'm of course, the "Queen" of them - but I'm not entirely convinced that he can or will actually have the durability to straighten some situations out that we have here. And my concern primarily is that he's far too liberal for me on certain issues that I think he does have the ability to change. So, while every "profile" quiz I take has me split on issues between McCain and Clinton -- (yes, I think I'm truly Libertarian to an extent, hence my split partisan results) -- I'm going to have to say that if Obama is the candidate, then it's a done deal and I'm voting for McCain unequivocably. If Clinton is the ticket, then I'll have to really listen to the debates carefully, though preliminarily at this juncture I’m still leaning towards McCain.

4. Speaking of bandwagons that I don't ride on….I think I mentioned this before. I've got to be the only thirty something girl I know who just can't stomach Oprah. I think she's fake, and insincere - rather "holier than thou" and I have to say that I think her new show "The Gift" or whatever it's called - only further convinces me of that. Why is it that everyone that was picked for her show was "perfect"? Wouldn't the show be much more appealing to have people who aren't professional philanthropists go around selflessly helping others? That to me, would be far more intriguing than those who already dedicate their lives to helping others. Why do I want to watch angels do their work? I mean clearly, I love that there are angels doing their work - but wouldn't it be a better show to have average ordinary folks who wouldn't normally be angels -- become them -- and in essence, grow from the experience? While I do love her "favorite things" episodes, outside of that - I just can't bear to listen to her.

5. And to end things on a positive note….Things that are making me happy today, in no particular order:

The smell of the air today because it really just smells like Spring. Sushi of any kind. I could eat it morning, noon and night. Actually, I'm having it for dinner tonight as well as lunch tomorrow. Baseball season! Yoga, as often as possible. If I could do it daily, I would. Sweet Peppermint gum -- it's just the right kind of mint. My company didn't win it's contract bid here in the office, which means I'll be changing companies soon. It's the end of the day, and I'm going home….

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Suldog said...

Re:Paps - So many of these guys (that is, athletes in general) don't understand the dynamics of playing in Boston. If you have a great year or two, you own the town for the rest of your life and you can do no wrong. The only thing you have to NOT do is complain about money or leave voluntarily. Getting a big raise at expense of that goodwill is always a bad deal, but these guys just aren't in tune with it, for the most part.