Monday, March 03, 2008


I dont' know how I'm even typing this post. I wouldn't be out of bed if it wasn't for the fact that my task lead wanted to know if I published my time sheet from last week - which I had. Now, had he checked before he called me, he'd have known and not awoken me from my fitful sleep. So I crawled to my PC, and booted it up - just to double check after I was insistent that I had. (I had.)

Some God awful stomach flu has gotten hold of me. My poor daughter walked in on me as I lunged from the shower to the toilet (I knew I was sick, but didn't know to what extent -- thought I'd try to get to work's that for dedication?) and kneeled on the floor with my towel. I was like "(heave), Hi honey, I'm okay...(heave)...can you go in the other room now please? (heave)". As I crawled back into bed, and got dressed, I could hear my daughter yelling down to my son..."Mommy's sick...".

My son came in and told me he hopes I felt better...and when I went downstairs to talk to my sitter briefly, my daughter was like "Mommy, I'm making you a rainbow so you feel better - and then we're going out so you can sleep". She's on the downside of 3, heading into 4 and over the past few weeks I've come to the realization that 4 is going to be a good age. This, all in of itself is enough to make me feel just a little better.

I was out cold and didn't even hear them leave the house - until the timecard issue crept up. And now I'm trying to fall back to sleep but it's not working all that well. Maybe I need a good round of bathroom time to get me feeling sleepy again. Kidding.

So back to bed I'm going. (Heave...maybe I wasnt' kidding?!?!)


chesneygirl said...

Eew, yuck!
So sorry, girl.

Sending chicken soup thoughts your way... feel better quick, darlin! ;)

Thomas said...

Yuck :(

When you feel better, it might be time to bust out a cool glass of Gatorade to replace some of the minerals you've been coughing up.

Of course I'll send along some crackers for the Chicken Soup CG is thinking your way. ;)

I hope the sickness doesn't drag out and subsides quickly...

Suldog said...

Ah, geez. What else is there to say? Hope you feel better soon.

Glitter said...

Blech, feel better.