Tuesday, March 11, 2008

There is no road travelled worth travelling, that does not have a bump in it...


So last night's meeting didn't go as I'd hoped.  It wasn't terrible - but I think it's going to be a more time consuming process to get this store opened in my town than previously thought.  Only because when there was a mention of the possibility of extending a beer and wine only license -- as opposed to the full package license -- it raised the concern about the voting from last year's election.  Which is entirely unrelated to my business -- I would not be a 7-11, or Pump n Pantry!  It would be a wine shop restricted from selling spirits.  Would it be the ideal license?  No.  But it would get it up and running and that's a great place to start.

But, it was quite evident that the majority of the board was willing to try to make things happen and work with us to figure a way ahead.  And even those who were opposed to the wine & beer license only were on board with the concept, just not that style of license. It might just end up being that I have to wait a year to get on the town's annual warrant, since we missed the deadline.  And if that's the case - then so be it.

And I'm not entirely convinced that something isn't going to come up sooner than that, which will go in my favor.
So, I'm not defeated.  Not by a long stretch.
I'm in recalculating mode.


Suldog said...

Is there really such a thing as a Pump 'n Pantry? If so, I want one in my neighborhood. It sounds vaguely obscene.

Rebecca said...

hahaha, sulldog - I know! hahaha, but there really are such things -- in NH I believe!