Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Or, in plain English:  Good Morning Red Sox Nation!
(If that's inaccurate Japanese, blame Bablefish!!)

Since I'm fighting a cold, I wasn't able to get up in time to watch the pre-game festivities.  But I did manage to open my eyes and turn on the television just in time to watch Jason up at bat in the second inning.  I'll tell you, it's pretty difficult to get ready for work and stay focused without spending too much time watching the game.  But I managed to get on the road at normal time and listen on my way in.

I probably looked ridiculous on the highway to whomever was driving next to me, because when Manny hit a double, and we tied the game -- I was practically dancing in my seat.  No, seriously - I was doing the cabbage patch and singing "yes! oh yeah -- oh yeah".  I'm sure if anyone saw they either a.) knew what I was talking about because they were listening to, or b.) got a great laugh at my expense!   By the time I parked and got in -- we had scored with Brandon Moss' single.  Win or lose -- today is going to be a really good day because you know what?  It's opening day!

And because it's opening day, and an early one at that -- I'll keep my comments about the pitching thus far, to myself.  I'm hoping that NESN replays the game tonight so I can watch the whole thing, because listening to it on the radio is good, but so not the same as watching it.

Even better, my girlfriend Lynne and I are working on getting tickets for the Patriots Day game.  A little breakfast, some Bloody Mary's in Boston….an early morning game…and then walking around and watching the marathon finish up.  If the weather cooperates that day, then this girl will be a very happy one on 21 April!  

(PS.  As I'm about to send this, we're in the 9th with Lowell, Moss & Jason up -- and we're down 1. As I said - win or lose, the sun is shining and life is good!!)

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Suldog said...

Brandon Moss! Hideki Okajima! Everybody! Yay!