Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin go Bragh...

I really enjoy St. Patrick's Day.
I'm not Irish, so it's not a heritage type of thing.  It's just fun in general.

While I've never been the "go out boozing" kind of girl, St. Patrick's day was never really a big bar day for me.  Though I did used to love it back in high school, and shortly thereafter.  My high school sweetheart was Irish, and had family in Southie so I did used to love going to the parade and sort of house hopping in the neighborhood.  Dangerous if you're not from there, but tons of fun if you're with people who are.

I love, love, love New England Boiled Dinner...and truly, on this day each year it tastes just so good!  I've got mine ordered and will pick it up on my way home to make for dinner tonight!  What's better than a little corned beef and cabbage with potatoes?  Since I only eat it once a year, I'd say that today nothing is better than that!

I love wearing green. So putting in the effort to wear a fun, bright green color of clothing, which I don't often wear -- is sort of fun, no?  Fashion can be the best kind of fun when you're in your traditional hum-drum work week schedule.

I have green eyes, which I've always loved that they're different than most people's color -- and that is sort of special on St. Patrick's day!  I'm always "wearing my green", even when it's not St. Patrick's day!  And my eyes are always "smiling"….

And maybe best of all - it's a great excuse to be in a good mood and feel lucky!  Everyone can be Irish on St. Patrick's Day…everyone deserves a kiss, even if they aren't "Irish".  Who doesn't deserve that pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow today -- and maybe just have a little fun while they're looking for it?


Suldog said...

I always knew New England Boiled Dinner as something distinct from corned beef and cabbage, although both are boiled and contain pretty much the same vegetables. The boiled dinner usually had smoked shoulder, or some other sort of ham, rather than corned beef. However, they both taste great!

Anonymous said...

Who told you I was with Erin and I know nothing about her bragh????

McSwain said...

The first time I ever visited Boston, I arrived on St. Patrick's Day night! That was QUITE the experience, as St. Patrick's Day isn't much celebrated otu here. Have a good day!

Rebecca said...

Hey Suldog -
For some reason I can post comments on my blog, yet can't blogsurf! :( Hate filters at work. Anyway...yes, often I'll do a smoked shoulder instead of corned beef, for boiled dinner in general. But on St. Patty's - it's gotta be corned beef for me!

Anonymous: hahahaa, very cute! Why be anonymous?? :)

McSwain: OMG, it was?!? hahaha, lucky you. Good thing Southie doesn't have it's own airstrip or you would've been REALLY amazed. Fortunately Logan's just a little out of that way... ;)