Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not just any Top 10....

A question was posed to me this morning as a request for a blog topic.
One of my girlfriends asked if I would post my Top 10 list of who I'd have unadulterated, wild, passionate, unabashed sex with if I could.

Not if "god forbid" my husband was no longer around.....nothing cheesy like that. But if I had a kitchen pass and just could. For funsies.

I've always toyed with this concept, and there's one small problem. See, I'm the kind of girl that's never been good with casual intimacy. I've never had a random "makeout guy". I never just met a guy and kissed him - let alone sleep with him. I'm all about the connection, the respect, and the big picture.

And with regards to celebrities - I think I'd always want to be the one that they wanted, but could never get. Because let's be honest - 9 out of 10 times they can get whomever they want!I've always wanted to be the one they couldn't have. The one that got away......

So part of my struggle with this is morally based -- part of it is ego.

So I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and pretend that I'm not like that at all, and that I'm capable of having wild unabashed sex with no emotional attachment with the following men.

Sit back, and enjoy the ride - because my taste is eclectic to say the least.
And I'm sure, you're going to laugh. Alot. And loudly.

10. Danny Bonaduce: Man, do I dig redheads. And insane as this guy is - I can't help but be attracted to him! Sure, he's a total wackjob - but hey - he looks pretty darn good right now. And there's some thing inside of me that says it would just be amazing. But then - after we were done, I'd have to absolutely kick him to the curb. WAAAY too needy, thank you very much.
9. Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg: Unfortunately, I don't think he's aging well. But there's a quality to his speaking voice....I would just melt hearing him whisper to me.
8. Edward Burns: I have a thing for Irish guys too. Wonder if ties into the redhead fascination? I love that he's just an average guy, not overly polished - and amazingly boy next door sweet.
7. Simon Cowell: Yes, from American Idol fame. Love, love, love him. LOVE him.
8. Nick Lachey: Not only is he absolutely adorable - he's a good guy!!! He should've been rid of Jessica years ago. She just didn't appreciate him the way I would! (Oh wait, I'm getting emotionally attached the further down this list I go....) What I meant to say was "We'd make beautiful music together...."!
7. Billy Ray Cyrus: I love the mullet, I love his voice, I love his eyes.... he's so freaking good looking.
6. Patrick Dempsey: I thought he was sexy in a quirky kind of way pre-plastic surgery. Now, he's really sexy...
5. Matt Light: New England Patriots Offensive Line. 6'4, 305, facial hair. Need I say more?
4. Jason Varitek: There are few things that turn me on more than facial hair - and the thighs of a catcher. He's handsome, great thighs - AND he's good at his job. Now that's a turn on!
3. Tom Welling: Somebody save me. Please..... I'd light myself on fire to have this Clark Kent rescue me. Seriously.
2. Kid Rock: He's dirty.... he's sexy...he's rock and roll, hip hop and country all rolled into one. I can't help it - he brings out the wild girl in me. :)
1. Brad Pitt: I'm sorry...I know he doesn't do it for everyone, but he totally does it for me. And then some.

Can I get a second kitchen pass to go twice with him??? Because to me, he's like a Lays Potato Chip....Betcha can't have just one!


Anonymous said...

You fascinate me!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Rebecca, I am afraid we just don't have the same taste in men.

Well, Brad Pitt, maybe....

Lance said...

Wow, what a day for a Dude to come by your blog and read. I was curious about women, but after reading this, perhaps I should post that question on my blog too?

clew said...

You know I love Danny too, Rebecca. So you have to trade a little roid rage for that bod. it's doable.

And Simon is annoyingly rude but he is pretty hot.

P.S. "arse". Just had to say that.

clew said...

I'm back again ... I was thinking - we play a similar game on the lake sometimes. it's called "the list". limited to 5 though, but the people on your list bear no restraints as to time frames or current conditions. For example, if you think Johnny Depp is just kind of average in general but found him exceptionally attractive in Pirates of the Carribbean, you can specify Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean. Or you could have Blue Hawaii Elvis even though he's (arguably) dead now and therefore obviously unappealing at the present ...

Opens up a lot of possibilities :). Under these rules, would you keep your list the same? Just wondering!

Rebecca said...

Anonymous - Fun post suggestion! Glad I didn't dissapoint. :)

Lance - Interesting day for you to visit! And I checked all of your blogs this a.m, and did NOT see a similar post... ;)

Mr Fabulous: I bet Mrs. Fabulous is relieved to hear that!!! :)

Clew: My list wouldn't change, other than to add Heath Ledger in "10 Things I hate about you".... :)

Ruben said...

You'd do "Danny Bonaduce" ? Good lord woman go get yourself some counseling. lol

gunngirl said...

I have to say I did laugh...and scratch my head. Confused and interested in Simon, Danny, Billy Ray and Kid Rock. But go for what you know, right?

I'm there with Brad and Tom. Oh, god, Tom Welling...*thud* too sexy.

Also with you on Wahlberg. I don't think he's aging well either, but his voice is very sexy. It's so soft and sweet and bad at the same time.

I really like your blog, and the topic. Mind if I steal for my own blog? I'll credit you. lol

Rebecca said...

Hi Ruben - I know, I have issues!!!

GunnGirl - Go nuts! Absolutely! I thought it was a very fun post, and honestly - it was tough to come up with a list of that many. I'm rather picky. Eclectic and bizarre, but picky. :)

McSwain said...

Well, well, Rebecca, you do like those rock-n-roll bad boys, don't you? I'm there on the Dempsey, but don't get the Bonaducci or Kidd Rock.

You love the mullet? You really do need counseling. :)