Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring HAS finally sprung!

So yesterday and today I'm home with the kids. I have to tell you - after all this weather we've been having, I'm pretty excited about being able to be outdoors with the kids. It's gorgeous out! My landscaper just showed up to take care of my spring clean up/pruning...this morning (coincidentally might I add) I cleaned up my garden area of all the old "stuff" that was sticking out of it and raked the soil. I tidied up the yard a bit, not that there was anything to do really, but it was more or less just rearranging what I have out there.

I had a busy day lined up for us yesterday, and it started with a show in Newton Highlands at the Hyde Community Center. The way to get there, was through Waban: Home of Jason Varitek. Yes, I had to fight back the temptation of driving down all the side streets to find "the" street. I've driven "around" Waban, but not through it - so this was entirely different. No - I am not a stalker! Not in literal terms anyway, hahaha. I have to tell you - it's really quite nice there. It is tempting though when your 5 (soon to be 6!) year old son is like "Mom, it wouldn't hurt to just drive by his house, would it? Maybe he wants to meet us!". Sigh, the innocence of a child.

We're off today to get some good smoothies and a day at the soccer field. It's fun when the three of us kick the ball around. And I think tomorrow we may head to the beach before my son has his soccer game. My brother in law is coming down tomorrow morning to stay with us for the week, so the kids are excited. He's G's younger brother - and he's 20, but he's really good at playing with the kids, especially my son. T is psyched to know that Uncle Nicky will be at his game.

Tonight, I have a fun night planned to see one of my girlfriends who's a realtor - and is involved in a "Dancing with the Realtors" event.

Definitely the beginning of a good weekend, I can feel it.

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Glitter said...

You totally should have driven by the house!!! I know I would have. Ha, Ha.