Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sox Saturday Fever!

How about that game last night?!?!

At the fundraiser, I was on the phone getting the score for everyone because the last we heard - Bill Costa who was the show emcee - announced that the score was 6-2 and we were losing. Next thing we knew - we were up 7-6! So I did a little "play by play" for everyone at the table until we won - it was pretty funny. honor of the Sox spanking the Yankees - here's a little Baseball Survey, true to my Saturday postings!

BEST TEAM?:Red Sox, naturally!
WORT TEAM?:How about least favorite? The Yankees!
BEST PLAYER?:Jason Varitek/Manny Ramirez/Big Papi
WORST PLAYER?:Hate Jason Giambi. Just hate him.
BEST PITCHER?:Hmmm. I guess right now Schill is my favorite now that Pedro is gone.
MOST HR'S?:Too early in the season to tell...more than likely Papi
BEST OUTFIELDER?:Hideki Matsui - maybe not the best, but he's one of my favorites. Wish he got traded to Boston...
BEST INFIELDER?:Miguel Tejada. He might not be the "best" but he's one of my favorites.
FAVORITE CATCHER?:As if this needs any input! Jason Varitek, of course
PLAYER ON STEROIDS?:Someone retest Giambi...!
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