Thursday, April 12, 2007

Feelin' Groovy.....

Spring is just really dragging it’s feet around here. And while it’s cold, and sleeting, and hailing....I’m thinking shiny, happy thoughts.

I’ve been loving some things lately that I thought I’d share.

Amy Winehouse: “I’m no Good”. (LOVE the James Bond feel to this song.)
Incubis: Dig
Remy Zero: “I’m not Afraid”
Katharine McPhee: “Over it”
Sugarland: “Settlin”
And the song “Breathless”, but I don’t know who sings it. It’s a country acoustic – and it’s great.


Hummus: I’ve been using this with everything! Coating my pork chops with it....mixing it with brown rice or pasta; mixing it into a marinade for beef; folding in with a frittata. Funny, I hate chickpeas – but can’t get enough hummus.
Pears: I love pears anyway – but I’ve been throwing them in salads, glazing them and serving with rice, roasting them with vegetables....want a fun little tip? Sometimes, I’ll make brown rice and mix it with “I cant’ believe it’s not butter”, cinnamon, and some pears. Mix it all up – and voila. It’s like a hot cereal.
Cream of Wheat: Speaking of hot cereal, I hate oatmeal. Can’t stand it. But – I love Cream of Wheat. Mixed with pears or apples and cinnamon and butter, OR even better....soft boiled eggs and bacon. YUM. Almost as good as grits....

Total Randomness:
Ann Taylor Loft: I’m gaining a new world of respect for what I’ve always referred to as “Ann Taylor Lite”. I’m really liking a lot of what they’ve been putting out lately....
OPI: I’m going through a neutral, or natural looking phase for my nails. I’m really loving colors such as “Canberra’t without you”, “Just Teas-ing”, and “No Bees Please”. French, naturally falls in this category.
BioTherm Aquasource Non Stop Oglio: This is amazing stuff. Amazing.
Hershey’s Kisses: Coconut filled, and Peppermint filled. I don’t even like Hershey’s but this is “to die for”.
Tea: I am not a big tea drinker; I went through a tea phase a few years ago – and for some reason, I’m falling back into it again.

And while there may be more, that’s all that’s coming to mind at the moment.
So hope you’re happy, warm and dry – wherever you may be today!


bigwhitehat said...

Okay, if you dare try this, you may like it.

Cook oats in apple cider instead of water. Cook down until the oats are at the desired thickness (for me fairly dry). Add honey, cinnamon and serve. I assure you this is delicious. I like it better than all other hot cereals. I hate grits.

Anonymous said...

Found my way here by way of Martie.
Wish I loved tea to go with my many, many teacups. I love to collect them.
Hope you have a cup of tea to warm you up till spring gets here.

Take care,

Glitter said...

Tea - ahhh...I love it. Don't et me started.