Monday, April 30, 2007

Confessions of a shopaholic...

I did really well today. I took a run to the mall at lunch with one of my friends and though I browed through Sephora and Ann Taylor – I did not buy one thing. Not a one.

I’ve become quite the shopper as of late. Not because I’m buying things that I don’t really need – but because I tend to put myself last on the list for importance and therefore I’m in a shortage of things I DO need. So I end up doing like a bulk shopping, or multiple shopping excursions which always makes me feel like I’m being too indulgent.

I do need summer work and play clothes – and Ann Taylor has exactly what I want, but I didn’t really have time to shop so I’ll have to go back there. I do need shoes for summer. Not just the typical type shoes that I always buy, but a more sophisticated style and I’m really loving a lot of the peekaboo shoes I’m seeing. Lord and Taylor had some gorgeous Ann Klein shoes, but – I’ll probably find what I want at Marshalls because I’m truthfully all about the bargain. I like to look like I’ve spent a fortune but I really didn’t. It makes shopping for me easier when I feel like I scored a deal. Must be that “mom” guilt I got going on.

Or, it could be that I’ve got a hair appointment and a massage appointment lined up for myself next week – oh, and a pedicure – so I can’t really go crazy on spending money on “stuff”. Sigh.....It’s tough having a conscience.


McSwain said...

A massage?? I'm so jealous. :)

David Sullivan said...

I am far from "metrosexual", but I do love shopping and I get massages as often as I can afford them.
Me and the fam are heading down south on vacation in ten days so we'll be out summer clothes shopping this weekend.
You've got to make time for your self so shop away!!!

Mellissa said...

Morning honey!

I am a bulk shopper too! I know exactly what I need and I don't like to go to the mall and browse.

I always hit Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Max Studio. Basics are my standard purchases so I can dress quickly and pack easily. Black, Khaki, Navy & White are the rule for me for bottoms (shorts, skorts, capris, skirts)so that when I go to Marshall's and find a cute top I never have to worry about what it will go with!!

Like you, I love a bargain, but I will only buy it if it is made well. I also buy off season and tuck things away!! I just found an AMAZING black cashmere wrap at Marshalls for $79.99. I had been eyeing one at Nordsrtom last winter but would not let myself have it because it was $390! Now I own one and I know it will be in style for many seasons to come.

Indulge every once in a while - and remember, taking care of self is not selfish, it is self-nurturing.

My goodness, I gotta shut up I am so wordy this morning..LOL.

Oh, and like you - I LOOOOVE Ann Klein shoes and you can always find them at Marshalls!!!

o.k. shutting up now ;-)


chesneygirl said...

Now is this is one area where I don't have a problme being selfish!! Hahaha!!

Marshall's is GREAT for getting bargains.... looking like you spent a fortune when you really didn't. LOVE it!!

I'm getting a pedicure this weekend first of the season - I can't wait!!! :)

Shelby said...

I'm quite the shopper myself- Lord and Taylor is one of my faves, but I do know what you mean about scoring a great bargain! A friend forwarded me this earlier this morning- thought you might like it for those Ann Klein shoes you were eyeing!

Kimberly said...

I have not been to Ann Taylor in a while for the reason I will want it all. Now I think I REALLY can't got!

You can always get a hair appt or a massage but you can't always get that cute shirt! :)

Sookee said...

I SO LOVE Anne Klein shoes. They are ALWAYS my favorite. And I can always find some at DSW...I just love them. Everytime I pick up a pair of shoes I love...they end up being Anne Klein. It's SCARY!

EnNjoy your pampering!