Thursday, April 05, 2007

Clearly, I need a life....

So this Grey’s Anatomy obsession I have is a bit much.
I’m so into all the characters – like they’re my real friends or something! How pathetic is that?!?!
I can’t help it. They’re just such great characters – and don’t we all know someone who is like one or more of them?

Have you ever said something that sounds really, really bad – but you truly didn’t mean it the way it came out?The other day, I had the Season 2 DVD set on my desk and was talking with one of my girlfriends about it and she was saying how I was really going to enjoy this season even more than the first one. So, I said to her “I know, I’m so excited I could lick the box!”.

You could hear a pin drop....she laughed and said “you could, could you?!?!”
So not what I meant – and where is her mind anyway?!?!?!
Dirty, dirty girl she is. It was so very funny....laughed??
I about cried, I laughed so hard.

You scored as Meredith Grey. You want the perfect life,
it drives you crazy when it isn't.
Even your closest friends don't know everything about you.
You try to handle things on your own, in your own way.
You really want acceptance from others.
You want to be really good at what you do.

Meredith Grey


Alex Karev


Miranda Bailey


Izzie Stevens


Derek Sheherd


George O'Malley


Cristina Yang


Preston Burke


Grey's Anatomy, Which Character Are You?
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McSwain said...

Where do you find these things??

I scored 100% Meredith Grey. Which is funny--I love the show because I identify so heavily with the character.

What do you mean you said "lick the box" and you didn't mean it "that way"? Ha ha!

Glitter said...

I'm a man!! Derek !! Seriously what is wrong with me???

I knew exactly what you meant by lick the box. Tommy Lee did that to Pamela Anderson when they first met. LOL.