Monday, April 16, 2007

So many thoughts today.....

Where to begin?

1. Ugh, I’m so done with this weather. Fortunately, we didn’t lose power – and this was probably the windiest the weather has been in quite some time. We did, however – get woken up at 3ish this morning because the wind ripped my storm door right out of the casing that it sits in! I can’t believe it. And I have a farmer’s porch, so we’re shielded from the wind quite a bit. I’m thinking that the door can be taken off, and then a new frame built to be reattached to, as opposed to having to buy a new door. But either way, a call to a handyman or contractor is going to have to be made.

2. While I’m quite fortunate to have only sustained minor damages, my co worker Steve – who shares a cube with me now – had a tree land on his house. He was on his way to work and got a call from his wife to come home because a really large tree crashed through their roof. Horrible. We’re waiting to hear if they are going to be able to stay there, or if they have to leave. I’m thinking they’re going to have to leave and that’s probably going to mean that most of their belongings are ruined. Time to think about a clothing/food drive for them, so I’ve been mentally going over what I have on hand to be able to give to them.

3. On a much lighter note: Did I mention I love love love Jelly Belly Jelly Beans? One of my favorite things in the world to do is to eat them and try to guess what flavor I’m eating. As I was cleaning out my cabinets yesterday to make room for food I bought food shopping – I stumbled across the collection of jellybeans that belong to the kids. Yup....Mom helped herself to quite a few of them I must say. My favorites? Coconut, Buttered Popcorn, and of course....Peanut Butter.

4. Speaking of flavors, on a recommendation from
E, I tried a chocolate/raspberry iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I’ve gotta tell you – I didn’t love it. It was okay....maybe if I drink more it will rub off on me, or maybe it wasn’t made right. But it was too heavy on the raspberry – not heavy enough on the chocolate. Maybe I’ll try it again, but next iced will be my traditional Chocolate/Coconut.

5. New book this week: “The Kite Runner”. I’m up to page 65 so far. Very, very good book.

6. This week, I get to play Domestic Supergoddess and be home with the kids on Thursday & Friday. My sitter is taking a few days of vacation....and you know what, I could use a few days off myself! I’m so looking forward to planning some adventures for us that might be a bit off the beaten path of the regular school vacationers. No lines, no waiting is my motto - when at all possible.

7. I got to watch a bit of FoodTV this weekend, which I don’t get to do nearly enough. Caught Emeril Live on Friday and Jimmy Buffett was his guest. CAN’T WAIT to go to Buffett!

8. In other television related news.....I caught a glimpse of Kelly Ripa this morning on “Regis & Kelly” as I was getting the oil in my truck changed. I never watch morning television because obviously – I work. How cute is she? Love her bright new hair color and fun cut. She’s in amazing shape too. I almost hate her, she’s so....perfect. I mean hate in a good the “I really love her so I’m going to use the word hate to emphasis how much I think she’s awesome” way that us girls tend to speak.

9. I can not wait to work out tonight. I worked out yesterday pretty hard, but I’m feeling so blah today. I need a little yoga fix and 7:00 can’t come quick enough.

10. GO SOX!


martie said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff running through your head....makes me tired just reading it all.....and you aren't a bit confused by having so many thoughts in there, are you? ;)

chesneygirl said...

Holy crap, woman!
How the heck do you do it?
You work, get your oil changed, food shop, clean out your cupboards, workout, go to yoga, read a book, watch tv AND blog almost everyday....all in one week???? Do you even have time to change your underwear? hahahahaha!!
How on God's green earth do you do it all???...You can't really work full-time, do you?

I'm amazed!!!

Rebecca said...

hahaha, Chesney - yup, I do it all.
Today I didn't work a full day though - I did go in late to get my oil changed. But generally speaking....yup, I don't sit still very much at all....ever! :)

Suldog said...

I've never been a fan of chocolate and raspberry together. I really don't think it's a very good combination.

As for Kelly Ripa, she is not only pretty and sexy and all that, she is also very funny.