Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's like a fresh start, once a year!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot? No, I don't think so.

Each and every person we've crossed paths with in one way or another is for a reason. Sometimes we know why; sometimes we don't see it right away because maybe there was a lesson to be learned from it. But whether we look back upon these people and see immediately the reason for their involvement in our lives is irrelevant; without them we'd each be a different person than who we are at this very moment. And for that reason alone - no acquaintance should ever be forgotten.

What exactly is a New Year's resolution? Is it a list of things that we wish to achieve? Things we should've already achieved but haven't taken the time to do? For me, the resolutions I make are a little of both. I'm a goal oriented person, so if I put in writing what I'd like to accomplish, chances are - I will do it.

So here, without further adieu - are my New Year's Resolutions for 2007:

1. Read 1 book a month. I think I'm actually going to start a Book of the Month club to keep myself on track with that. I know, I'm a geek. I finished my last book I mentioned "The Secret Life of Bees", and have bought a new book to get my resolution going: "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". I'm open to any and all recommendations, so please - feel free to share any good books that are worth reading. I'm not picky, just like good reading material. No Harlequin love novels for this girl!

2. Enroll in school and finish my degree and maybe.... consider taking graduate courses.

3. Run a 10k. Of course this will require some training, so running more 5ks is the pre-requisite for this resolution.

4. Go to the doctors and get a complete physical. I tell everyone else to do this, it's time I follow my own advice and do it. I have an aversion to doctors that I've developed since having kids.... time for me to grow up and lose that. I'm proactive in mostly every other area of my life; why be reactive when it comes to my health?

5. Go to NYC for the weekend to see a show and do some shopping with my friends. I've never been there, outside of going for 3 hours for an audition. Imagine? So close - and yet never been to the Big Apple. I am definitely going this year.

I don't think that New Year's is the only time of year that we can reflect upon things which we can improve about ourselves - so this is an ever changing, evolving, living/breathing list. And I'm sure I have other things that I should be adding to this list -but they're escaping me at the moment. Clearly, my coffee has yet to kick in.

Have you thought about your resolutions yet?

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Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

Wow, I thought I was the only local who hadn't been to NYC! I plan on trying to go this year too....though I'll probably pass on the shopping. I wonder what show I should see. Maybe Phantom? I loved it in Toronto.