Saturday, December 23, 2006

All I want for Christmas is.....(fill in the blank)

So, it looks nothing at all like Christmas around here. It's warm, balmy....and rainy. That's okay - it doesn't damper the spirit any, at least not for me.

What does damper the spirit is that just when I thought the shopping season had ended for me - I found out it hasn't. I found out this morning that we have another guest coming for dinner and it just wouldn't be right to open gifts and not have anything for them. I'll go today to get for one more. I'm still in wrapping hell, but I'm hoping to see the end of that tunnel by tonight. I think that's the only part of Christmas that I don't love....the wrapping. But I think that's because I do it all myself. Who am I kidding? I do everything myself. Always. From the shopping, to the the cooking to the cleaning. And not just at's always. It's my life. It's a solo job. And I enjoy doing it, so I suppose I shouldn't complain, but I guess a little help somewhere along the line would be nice!!! (Okay, I guess I'm bitching.)

Wait, didn't I say my spirit wasn't dampered? Well, okay - maybe I'm not as cheery today as I've been. But I'm sure after a good cup of coffee - another round of wrapping - and of course, a pick me up of shopping for my favorite things (cleaning products), I'll be feeling happier overall.

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clipper829 said...

Oh man, ditto about the doing everything yourself. I so totally know exactly what you mean. I was just thinking about that today as I was doing, well, everything, myself as well!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)