Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld lang syne....

2006 was an interesting year for me. All in all, I'm happy to say that it was a relatively quiet year. I'm fortunate to have been able to overcome the knocks that were sent my way. Not to say that there weren't losses, or that it wasn't an emotional year; but in the grand scheme of things - life was calm. I'm hoping that 2007 is just as kind to me.

Isn't it said that to strengthen your weaknesses you must embrace them first?
I'm hoping to do that in the upcoming year.

So this is my toast to 2006:

"If you stop growing, if you stop believing, if you stop striving - then you have stopped living. Here's to a staying alive for a magical new year."

Author Charles Lamb once said of New Year's:

"New Year's Day is every man's birthday."

May 2007 be a healthy and prosperous year to all...and here's to no acquaintance being forgotten.


Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

Happy New Years, Rebecca! I'm thankful to have you as my friend. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2007.

McSwain said...

I like that Lamb quote! Happy New Year to you, Rebecca! Here's to 2007 being a good one.

Peter N said...

Same to you Rebecca.....happy health all year long!

Tish Grier said...

Happy New Year, Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Happy, healthy and peaceful 2007 to you, Rebecca! May it turn out to be everything you hope for!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! A little Jagger/Richards quote, from "Ruby Tuesday":

"Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind."

May you keep all of your dreams alive in the coming year.