Friday, April 08, 2011


Hopefully today was the beginning of the season for the Sox. They needed this win badly, for a variety of reasons -- but they aren't entirely out of the woods yet. They absolutely need better starting pitching. And dare I say it at risk of sounding prejudiced - better catching. I know Salty is going to get there, and offensively he's seemingly good; but his defense is less than stellar at the moment. And this is the big leagues baby, I just don't think this team can afford to spoon feed a catcher. It hasn't worked in the past, I don't know how it can work now. I suppose that I'd have rather seen a more seasoned catcher, that's all.

It was really a fun day today - the first time I was able to watch the Opening Day game while I was at work. Gone are the days of listening to it on the radio. Love it.

Usually whenever the military jets do a fly by for Gillette or Fenway, we see them over our house; today we saw them over the store. We heard the rumbling, and ran to the window where we saw them fly overhead. Pretty cool. Actually - when I ran to Starbucks to get a coffee, I ran into one of my customers who showed me this on her cell phone - and she promtply posted it onto YouTube as well. Good times...

On the downside today, Princess Petunia has some bizarre random virus; she woke up at 4am with a slight fever and stomache ache - but fell back asleep and woke up fine. She looked flipping adorable actually -- it was Red Sox day and she was in a vintage Johnny Damon jersey with pig tails and feeling fine. So off to school she went.....but after school, mild fever reared it's ugly head and she napped. She's up now and feeling better, actually eating - but still looks so tired. Hopefully a good night sleep will do her some good.

In the meantime, this girl is snuggled up on the sofa with the Princess Petunia...sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying all the postgame online chatter. Tonight is going to be low key, just like this - without even a game plan for dinner. And you know what, I sort of like it that way for a change. I'd love a cheap Chinese food night, but we will have to see what the majority rule is.

Happy to be home. Happy to be with the family. Guess I'm "winning" too, today.

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