Saturday, April 23, 2011

“It always looks darkest just before it gets totally black.”


So, what's the latest on the house front?
Well, we had a showing today and I'm waiting on bated breath to hear if they liked it. And, I have another showing on Tuesday morning.

There was a person interested from last weekend, but he's waiting for his wife to come in from out of state to see it, and truthfully we'd hoped that today was his second showing - but it wasn't.

And yesterday I got an email from the owner of the house we have under agreement. The house she wants got an offer on it, and she said she is not selling if that house falls through.

(Insert a really loud and frustrated "AAAAAAAAAAGH here. Maybe a little "WTF" too.)

See, we had an offer on our house this past fall....and then she called and asked if we were interested in her house, and we said yes. Then, she changed her mind and we ended up passing on the sale of our house because all of the houses we liked went under agreement before we could get into them, her house was not an option - it was almost Christmas, the middle of the school year - and I really couldn't see uprooting the kids for an undetermined time; believe it or not, but as of now there STILL aren't any houses that have come on the market that we'd move into, so technically we could still be in a rental! BUT....

In January, she reached out to us again and we verbally agreed that in the Spring she'd sell to us and we'd buy it - she'd had her eye on a house that was coming on the market, but they would'nt take her offer unless her house was under agreement. She did say that in retrospect she could've rented when we had the first offer, but....we all know that didn't happen. So long story short -- we put her house under agreement last month officially - and put our house on the market.

I got an email yesterday saying that the house she likes has an offer coming in and if it goes under she's not going to sell. (See the aforementioned groaning.)

But, but, but.... she's downsizing. And she has no children. And she's not committed to the area - she's leaving for another city, actually. Didn't she say she could rent?!

Well, it is what it is. If this house falls through, as disappointing as it will be --we will rent. Because the summer is coming up which isn't such a disruptive time for the kids, and a house will come through that we love. Everything happens for a reason -- and I've just got to hang my hat onto that.

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