Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I was little, I had a Sesame Street album - and on it was a song called "Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz", but it was pronounced like it was a Polish name. I'll see if I can phonetically lay it out so you can understand how Big Bird sang it: (ab-Kah-def-ghee-jeckly-monooqueer-stu-witses)

Can you believe I still remember the whole song?
No worries, I won't break into song for you.

However, I am going to do a fun little game where I will write down a positive word that comes to mind with each letter of the alphabet. If you decide to do it yourself, let me know!

A: Agreeable
B: Beautiful
C: Cherished
D: Dutiful
E: Excellent
F: Free-Spirited
G: Gregarious
H: Happiness
I: Idealistic
J: Joyful
K: Kindness
L: Loyal
M: Magnificent
N: Nurturing
O: Overjoyed
P: Pleasant
Q: Quintessential
R: Righteous
S: Sensitive
T: Thoughtful
U: Unwavering
V: Vivacious
W: Woman
X: (MMkay, struggling on this one, might have to pass....)
Y: Ying & Yang
Z: Zest

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