Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz...oh what a relief it is.

So I'll be shocked if I have a voice come tomorrow.

Yesterday when I woke up feeling congested with a sore throat, clearly was an indicator of the cold that was coming on. I have no tonsils, so I don't really get sore throats per se; I get more like sore sinus passages that run down the back and sides of your throat. It started on my right side yesterday, moved to the center overnight and this morning and is now on the left side. Slight fever today, completely congested in my chest, blech.

And we all know how I get once I get congested in my chest. Laryngitis, or at a minimum - my Demi Moore voice comes out. Which of course I don't mind one bit. It's kind of fun.

But as long as I feel okay, I don't mind. I can deal with congestion and a cold, it's the fever that's the worst because it just makes you feel weird; but if the fever goes away then I don't mind it so much. Truthfully, I wish I had been able to run today. Sometimes a good run will just help you clear all that junk in your system. Or it can work against you.....but I'd like to think it would've made me feel better.

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