Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it....

We are less than 30 minutes from the opening pitch! And dare I say it but the sun is actually starting to peek out a bit in my neck of the woods. Sort of bummed to see Saltimacchia warming up, but hey...he is the future, so I need to just accept it. (They just announced Youk! SOOO fun....!)

I'm going home and having a baseball party with the kiddies tonight. G and I aren't going to be indulging in the dinner fare but that's okay - the kids don't mind. It's Fenway Franks with the fixings, potato salad, pickles and....Cracker Jack. I should be home by the 3rd inning, and they are anxiously awaiting. Just wait til we have opening day at Fenway.... the feast will be on!

What's on tap for the weekend is fortunately nothing of too much pressure and just lots of fun. Gymnastics & Basketball...maybe a movie; and then Sunday, it's a rollerskating day with all my girlfriends and their kids. There's like 25 of us going and it should be a great time. Maybe we'll even get to squeeze a open house or showing in there somewhere.

I love when there's nothing much going on and we can just take our time and relax at home. As much as I love going places, there's no place like home....

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