Thursday, March 31, 2011


I threw away my Sports Illustrated yesterday when it came in the mail. As much as it killed me because I really, really wanted to read it. I just couldn't.

Okay - so we're not on the cover. But still!! While the Sox may be insanely good on paper, they have yet to be proven. And though you don't want to even think it, you have to broach the possibility of..... what if they're paper tigers?!? And while I'm sure we won't be -- no one, ever wants to have the weight of such a bold prediction placed upon them.

Unless of course - you're Rex Ryan. And look where that got him. All I know is that we've got opening day....and a whole lot of fun starting tomorrow.

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Chatelaine said...

Enjoy your baseball season. I am more of a Patriots fan so I appreciate that Rex Ryan comment. Nothing makes me happier than a NY Jets loss!