Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that make you go "hmmm".....

1. I got to see the house we love again. Because.... we put it under agreement today. (Yay!!)Hopefully, the house they want won't get an offer before we get a buyer. It's one of those "timing" types of sales. I am so excited...albeit, cautiously.

2. Facebook -- back off. I am beyond tired of FB asking me to make it my homepage every time I log off; I'm even more tired of it trying to keep me constantly logged in. Are you kidding me??? They're shoving themselves so far down my throat that it's not even worth going on anymore.

3. Sometimes I wonder.....don't people realize they're supposed to work when they're at work... ?

4. I love pretty things. Pretty things make me happy....don't they make you feel the same way? Well, then again - I am a girl. But still...
So, imagine my surprise when I ran across this fun website via Cafe Chatelain. I had so much fun making the following pretty room -- and if you sign up and design something - share it with me, would you?

1 comment:

Chatelaine said...

Ooh la la! Very chic and pretty.
Isn't designing fun?