Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm shipping off to Boston....

Happy Evacuation Day!
or, as we commonly refer it here in Boston - St. Patrick's Day.
(Wait. Strike that.....reverse it.)

I made a traditional boiled dinner of Corned Beef & was delicious! I always make it on the stove, but clearly I wasn't about to leave it boiling while I wasn't home - so I broke from the norm and made it in the crock pot instead. You know what? It came out just as good....

It's such a comfort food meal for me. I loved when my Mom made it - and I'd slather it with Grey Poupon mustard. I'd learned as an adult that you can use Smoked Shoulder as well, and add spinach which is delicious too; but the best is to take the left overs, chop it all up -and then fry it in a pan to make hash. Ah yes, the good old days when I ate rich food and fried things on a regular basis....

Speaking of food and good ol' days.... I have to ask.
What is it about foods such as Whoppers, Big Macs and oh yes....Italian subs - that make me absolutely salivate at their smell?

It's like I have to hold myself back from strapping on the feed bag.

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Chatelaine said...

Well I did not have Corned Beef today but I did wear green.

Glad you enjoyed St Patty's Day!