Sunday, March 06, 2011

Open Letters....

Dear Barometric Pressure: Please do whatever you have to do to settle down. I need to get rid of this mindnumbing pain in the back of my head that has plagued me for the last 36 hours. Thanks!

Dear Charlie Sheen: Not sure if you know, but the death watch is on. Glad you're having fun.... "winning", or whatever it is that you're doing.

Dear Dunkin Donuts: You continue to reinforce the reason why I switched to Starbucks. Your Cafe, not so good. And truly, when someone forgets to add the Splenda-- it makes me wonder what the hiring qualifications are for this job. There are three components to coffee: coffee, milk and sugar - or some variation thereof. How can you not get this straight? Clearly, a little QC needs to be done in the HR department.

All I know is...if a customer comes in and asks for a Merlot -- and I sell him a bottle of Cabernet but tell him it's a Merlot -- he's going to be pretty irritated when he tastes it. Don'tcha think?? Just sayin'....

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Chatelaine said...

I don't think Dunks cares so much about the service. It's all about the volume.

Charlie Sheen is a train wreck. It's really sad, listening to his daily rants. I hope he gets some help and stays out of the news. Would love to have a Charlie Sheen free day.