Sunday, April 10, 2011

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life...

What 80's child didn't love "The Facts of Life" back in the day? While I didn't love the episodes when they were older and in college (even back then I wasn't a huge Clooney fan, nothing personal George...) I did love their high school days. There was a character for everyone -- there was at least one persoality that you could relate to. The character I related to the most was Jo. Though we had entirely different upbringings, and I wans't nearly as much of a tomboy as she was - I completely identified with the awkward, feeling "out of place" or not exactly fitting in feelings - and the tough exterior, pretending not to care. She also was very protective and loyal, another why she was my favorite. I also thought that she was the prettiest. (Girls are funny - we can like you or dislike you based strictly on your appearance. Catty, I know but there it is.) But while she wasn't the "girly girl" pretty like "Blair" (the actress who played her is gorgeous... Blair just wasn't my favorite character.), I thought she had this really pretty look of dark hair and light eyes and this great sensitivity that just made her so likeable. I actually didn't watch too much television as a teenager -- I was more about the music. But this show was definitely one that I made time for, and to this day if there's an old re-run on, I just can't help but watch it.

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clew said...

Jo was my favorite too!

My best friend in high school looked just like Natalie. Everyone said so and she hated it. LOL