Monday, September 27, 2010

Whatsa happenin' stuff...?

It's been a few days since I posted; it's funny, sometimes I feel like my mind is a sieve. I have all these great things I want to blog about - and then they completely slip my mind. How great could they have been, right? Clearly, if I can't hang onto them in my head for a day or two - then certainly they can't be that noteworthy.

Sort of like this wine I'm drinking. Dare I say - terrible. It's a wine that a producer out in California would like me to carry if they can get distribution. They sent me 4 different varietals - and this is my first try. Let's hope at least one of the other three is better than this one. Ugh.

So let's see. I've got a few tidbits retained that I can share with you. And they go like this:

1. With the good - there is the bad. I saw two movies over the weekend - not at the theatre, but at home. The first one was "The Hurt Locker". Definitely a great movie....though, truthfully not sure why that was the name of the movie as a whole. I could've come up with better names but clearly I'm not the Academy Award winner in the room, so.... we'll leave it at that. The other movie was...well, let's just say that it has officially knocked "Eye of the Beholder" out of the spot of being the worst movie ever. It's called "Moon", with Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell. It was nothing short of awful. The premise seemed pretty cool.... but it fell beyond flat. It was horrible actually! Do yourself a favor, and don't ever see it. You can't get that 90 minutes of your life back....

2. Who wants to be on Food TV? I do! They (being Food TV, that is) added a last minute audition spot for "The Next Food Network Star" here in Boston and so I figured "what the heck?" and I went. Rumor has it that the cast is pretty much set - there are only a few spots left open for contestants so I knew that my chances were pretty much slim to none. But I went anyway - and it was really sort of fun. I mean, you go with no expectations - and you hope for the best. We're supposed to hear if we're wanted for an on-camera audition, and I'm not holding my breath. I'm sure they're looking for someone with a better culinary background, but it was fun to try anyway. There's a high about auditioning, and truly - that's probably the last one I'll be going on.

3. So, it looks like we may be moving. No place far - we're staying in the same town we're in - great school system, good friends, fantastic commuting location. But there are different things we need in in a house, and neighborhood. Our house officially went on the market today. Woohoo! Now if we can only find a house we like....

There's probably more...but I'll wait until another day. Besides, if I say it all today - whatever will I have to share tomorrow?

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