Sunday, September 12, 2010


Somehow, G managed to surprise me for my big "40". It's not officially until Friday, but he kept hyping up a big present he had planned for me on the 18th of September, and "not to make any plans" for that day.....when in reality, he had a huge surprise party planned for me last night!
I wasn't just surprised...I was shocked. Stunned. Never saw it coming - not even a little.

Everyone from my best girlfriend in the world whom I never get to my fabulous girlfriends (aka the "Aunties"), all our family -- even my Dad who flew in yesterday morning. (that's him peeking in the background.)

I don't have any photos of the actual surprise - these are just a few from my camera once the shock wore off. Definitely was a fabulous way to start this new year in my life. G's right, he keeps saying I had a tough year -- and you know what, he's right - I did. So this was without doubt a step in the right direction for change in the best way.

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