Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's the end of the world as we know it..

Okay, so maybe it's not quite that dramatic.

But today is my last day in the.. *ahem* 30's.

Truthfully, I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow and will feel exactly the same as I felt today....which is exactly the way I felt 10 years ago. Actually I feel better now than I did back then if I think about it. I'm healthier, more fit...more comfortable in my own skin. I think I've actually always been comfortable in my own skin, but I think the difference is today I am okay with growing older and embracing it; whereas maybe in my 20s the thought of turning 40 seemed a little more frightening. Amazing how relative perspective is.... today 40 is the new 20.

I have to say today was not one of the best days in my life. Interestingly enough, last year wasn't so great this day either if I recall. I do believe on my birthday actually - the painter who was supposed to have completed the store quit the job....and it seemed like the opening of the shop was never going to happen. Must be something cyclical to the date...either that, or the moon is in retrograde or something because it seems like everything was off kilter today. I'm looking forward for the day ending and for tomorrow to begin.

Because tomorrow, is the first day of my 40's.
And this girl is going to embrace it - and enjoy every moment of it!

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Suldog said...

Well, Happy Birthday! And DO make it a happy one, please! 40? Pffft. It's the new 28!