Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know....

1. Why is it that I dont have a job on NESN or WEEI? This was all I could think about as I was watching last nights game. Im sorry, but am I the only person who doesnt love Heidi Watney? Wheres Tina Cervasio when we need her. We lost Hazel and Tina all at once?! And who are these other Sports Desk folks who just dont convince me that theyre loving the games theyre reporting on. Its all so stiff and awkward. Who is this girl Jamie that is filling in for Meter on the Sports Flash? I know shes newbut hey, I can do at least as good as shes doing right now. And Im not one dimensional I know about all sports. The original game plan in life was to be a sportscaster, hockey play by play no less Cmon, if youre going to give a girl shot give THIS girl one! Just because Im not in the field now doesnt mean that I wouldn’t be great at it.

2. Why would you put up a sign about construction being done on the days after the work is completed? Fortunately today the traffic getting onto the base wasnt horrible but for the last two days, it was. Literally added an extra 45 minutes to the commute just getting from the exit to the gates. So today, traffic was very light and there was no holdup getting to the gate. Funny enough this morning, as I was heading towards the gate there was a sign that said Warning: Traffic delays due to paving, July 21 & July 22d. Oddly enough that wasnt there yesterday and guess what? Today is July 23rd. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

3. Why do celebrities whine and complain when they receive exactly everything theyve been looking for? Latest to complain about her appearance and attention is the gorgeous Megan Fox. She hates being called hot and doesnt leave her house unless its to go to KFC because she doesnt like being stalked by the paparazzi. Hmm. Okay Ms. Fox. Bet you wouldnt be thinking that way if no one paid attention to you. Bet youd be concerned that you werent pretty enough if you werent getting roles or being photographed in Hollywood. As a matter of fact, the mere fact that you are where you are now is because of your appearance, so seriously get over yourself. You can’t possibly think that youre the B list celebrity that you are as a result of your talent. (Well, maybe her talents, all 34 C+ of them). Heres the thing: theres nothing wrong with being an attractive girl, and knowing that doors in life have opened to you as a result. (otherwise, you wouldnt be flaunting your talents everywhere if you didnt think that they helped you any, or were really that modest.) And you know what, youre right all that whining about the undue attention and inconvenience of being who and where you are today truly does make you not that hot. Take a lesson from those who are A-listers, and don’t’ say a thing. Just this girls opinion.

4. Speaking of celebrities Ive gotta say I love, love, love the name Angelina Jolie picked out for her daughter. Vivienne Marcheline. Not only does it sound beautiful but it looks beautiful. And trust me, us girls always practice writing the names of our future daughters on paper several times before deciding the final name. But I do have this one question to pose to the new Mom: Whats up with all the x at the end of the boys names? Is that a secret Lara Croft type code? Or is it symbolic of the female know, all things Mother Earth?

5. And finallywhy is it when a person verbally agrees to something, and asks for it submitted in writing do they wait days before responding? Isnt there an etiquette rule on what is an acceptable time frame to wait before calling the person and saying um, hello?

    And these are the burning questions in my mind for today.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Heidi Watney is so stiff & uncomfortable on the camera that she is almost painful. I do not like to be in the spotlight but I have to tell you, if my job was to be around the Sox like she is? You wouldn't be able to wipe the grin off my face. Just thank your lucky stars that we don't have Dewayne Staats, Joe Magraine & Todd Kalas for the Sox. (Those are the Tampa buffoons.)

Erin said...

Heidi is so obviously just there for eye candy that it's embarrassing. I wonder if the poor girl has to write the rules to the game and the player's names on her hand. On the other hand I could just be terribly jealous of her hair and it's coloring my judgment.

Rebecca said...

I do think she's pretty, but she's just not that great on camera and interviewing it seems. It's like she has no personality....?

I'd have thought after having someone like Tina who was really very warm and seemingly natural - that they'd follow up with someone who has that same charm.

But hey - what do I know? :)