Friday, July 11, 2008

The Beckett Bowl : Take 2 -- and finally, it's Friday.

So last night, was the second annual Beckett Bowl - and I was fortunate
enough to be there.

It was a nice event; however, truthfully - I thought last year's event
was better. I think there was a bigger crowd that attended, which
probably to be able to raise money with the auction items - and most
definitely there were more athletes in attendance last year. But it
was still a great time, and my sister and I got to hang out which was
nice; we don't often have the time to get together. Actually, we sort
of decided to try to get together and have dinner one night a month.
Which would really be a nice thing to do...

So, no good pictures from last night's festivities. And besides, Jason
wasn't there. Sigh... But as always, everyone was kind and friendly
and nice to be around. And "D" from "Run DMC" -- put on a fantastic
show. For the record, he's in unbelievable shape.

In other areas - today was another incredibly trying day in the office.
Got another ridiculous phone call from my company. You know it's bad,
when people of position in the office overhear and suggest I make
records because they're harassing me at this point. Stay tuned because
I'm sure come Monday more will happen. This time instead of walking
out, I hung up the phone and pretty much said "I'm so done". As I've
said, I won't quit, but boy do I want to. You have no idea....

Outside of that, I'm quite ready for the weekend. I will be skipping
yoga tonight so I can go and home and enjoy the kiddies - although I
could sorely use the stress relief. Maybe tomorrow...


chesneygirl said...

Rebecca, I'm so sorry you're having to go thru all this crap at your job. That's just not right!
When one has to spend 7-8 hours a day at work everyday, it really should be a place we enjoy being or at least can tolerate.

I hope you can get it all worked out sooner than later.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nichole M said...

Ew. Sorry you have to deal with this. But you have the right instincts... record *everything*. Save every email in a private file. Jot down notes immediately after a phone call and date and time the note. Record when you turn in things like your time card. etc.

All of these things I've learned from my attorney husband. They love good records if you need to prove something. Hopefully things will resolve without having to involve a lawyer, but in case they do, these will make it easier.

Rebecca said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate your thoughts.

I'm not at all a happy girl about any of this but you know...everything happens for a reasons, right?

Who knows what lies ahead...