Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life is a funny thing

Today, clearly the big guy in the sky felt that my friend Michelle and I were in desperate need of a laugh.

Ive got to be honest, we always run into some sort of craziness on our coffee runs that will send us into hysterical fits of laughter. Without fail, there is something that someone says or does that will seriously make us think that were on Candid Camera. Today was no different. I dont know that this story will translate all that well in writing, but here goes.and keep in mind that all this happened within an 18 minute span of time.

As we were walking out to go to Whole Foods and pick up our lunch, she was relaying a story to me about something that happened in work the day before. It was pretty funny, and I made the statement if you cant laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?. Which is a theory I wholeheartedly subscribe to. Saying the phrase aloud made me remember something that happened to me on my way to work yesterday that I retold. I had been at Dunkins ordering a coffee, when I tripped on the mat on the floor and almost fell but I caught myself by my hands on the counter. The girl said oh, I’m sorry people have been doing that all day. (Thought that ran through my mind was hmm. How about fixing it then? But then it dawned on me, not only do they jack up our coffees theyre laughing at us as well! But I digress.) So I order my coffee, and as I was waiting for it, I started laughing. All I could picture was my almost falling and then imagining if I had and I found it hysterical. So I said to her, If I had fallen, Id have laughed so hard! And she responded with when I was younger I used to laugh if I saw people fall or hurt themselves, it must be a nervous reaction to which I agreed, because I too on occasion have laughed when I saw someone fall. Not nice and I dont mean it in a bad way, but if theyre obviously not seriously injured, its sort of funny. And whenever I fall, I always laugh, I think its a riot. And I said to the girl, hey, if I cant laugh at myself I have no business ever laughing at anyone else about anything.

So I finished conveying this story to Michelle as we arrive at Whole Foods. And as were walking, a woman trips and falls to the ground. Right in front of us. ?!?!?!

So of course, we say are you okay?!? (and then we have to look away because now were both giggling out of control. Fortunately, we have several feet to go before we get to her and were able to compose ourselves before we reach her.) We get to her and ask again if shes okay, and make small talk and were on way. Fortunately, we were well into the store before the two of us burst into tears. What are the chances of that happening!?!?! So while it was so not at all funny that this woman fell, and fortunately shes not hurt the timing was just, bizarre.

Moving on to Dunkin Donuts. Now I know my coffee presents issues. However, it was not my coffee that was the problem.

M: Can I get a medium coolata?

Dunks: A Hazelnut?

M: No, a medium coolata.

Dunks: Sure, we have bottled water.

(Insert my hysterical snorts of laughter HERE).

M: (Firm and slowly) No. Can I get a COFFEE COOOOLLLAAATTAA.

Dunks: Yes, we have those.

(Surprisingly enough, they had no issue with my coffee order. Until we get to the window.)

Dunks: What was the coffee you ordered?

M: Medium Hazelnut/Coconut, Skim Milk, 3 Splenda

Dunks: That was iced right?
M: No, hot please.

(Dunks girl in background: Oh, thats not iced.

Funny thing is, she made my coffee iced but in a hot coffee cup. ?!?!?! So, she proceeds to dump out the iced coffee and make a hot coffee in the same cup.

Now, were laughing almost in tears as we pull away. Between the woman falling, and reliving how Michelle said Coffee Coolata that last time were just beside ourselves. When out of the corner of my eye, I see a girl in a little silver car pulling out without looking getting ready to slam right into Michelles passenger side. You think Id say something like OMG, Michelle stop, or Wait, someones not looking”….anything? No, I suck my breath in so loudly that I sound like Im making an Ewok mating cry. Fortunately it was drastic enough of a sound to make Michelle look in my direction and hit her brakes and beep the horn.

Seriously, we laughed so hard the rest of the way to work, I swear I had a buzz.

God sure does work in mysterious ways and he clearly felt that we needed a little somethin something to brighten the day today.


Suldog said...

I may have expressed this belief to you before, but why not again? I think that God has the best sense of humor in the universe, and when we die, we'll find that this whole thing has been one long and involved joke. We'll laugh and laugh and laugh, through eternity.

~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG Ewok mating cry... I cannot stop laughing now.

Rebecca said...

Dawn - truly, it was HYSTERICAL.
Who knew a sound like that could come out of this girl?!?!?

Off to check your survey out now!